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Very nice idea, I’d like to read from one of those.

for more info icoeye.

saw this on swissmiss.


As a “cat”cholic person I found this fact about cats posted on my birthday by learnsomethingeveryday.

Well.. my cat seems to have an interest in chocolate since she jumps on my lap and desparetely meeeeeeeeoooooooows to reach for it when I’m about to eat one. Sometimes she eats a bit but it turns out she cannot even taste it. So why don’t you give a break Didi?!

I’d like to see this on my wall.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Germany
Creative Directors: Alex Schill, Matthias Harbeck, Helmut Huber, Florian Drahorad
Copywriters: Nicolas Becker, Tom Hauser
Art Directors: Christian Sommer/ Ivo Hlavac, Sören Porst
Account Supervisor: Lena Inderwiesen
Photography: Layoutsatz 2000
Production Company: Pinsker Druck & Medien

Billboards for Panasonic’s nose hair trimmer. poor sensitive noses.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia
Creative Director: Juhi Kalia
Art Director: Audy Sutama
Copywriter: Pancaputera
Illustrator: DeadWolf Studio, Rudy Harianto
Additional credits: Dini Makmun, Shanty persada, Daniel B, Annisa M, M,Iskak, Tri S, Aryanto S
Published: August 2009

The idea and the expression of the film is unique and clever, touching, melancholic. It really hurts something inside.

“They never tell you how crazy you are. Just that you lost it, that you’re beside yourself… out of your mind. So a little bit more, a little bit less what’s the point of knowing… knowing how many centimeters you’ve slipped. The only thing I’m sure about now is from where I’m standing it’s not a bother anymore. Not anymore…”

by Jérémy Clapin